SOE Windscreen Restorer Liquid Kit – 1 Bottle – 200ml

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SOE Windscreen Restorer 200ml Liquid Kit Removes Stubborn Borehole Hard Water Stains From Your Vehicle Windscreens. keeps The Windscreen Clear, Shiny, And Smooth!

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  • Permanently Removes Stubborn Borehole Hard Water Stains From Your Vehicle Windscreens
  • Having stubborn hard watermarks/spots/stains on windscreen and glass can be dangerous as it limits our vision during night drives or during raining days. Hard water-spots, stains or watermarks forms when minerals crystalize on the surface.
  • Do it Yourself Kit
  • Car wash will charge you exorbitant fee just to do the same
  • It keeps your vehicle windscreens clear, shiny, and smooth
  • Save you money!
  • Easy to use and can be used up to 4 times depending on the size of your vehicle
  • Works Very Well. Once applied, prevents reoccurrence!
  • Suitable for all vehicles with windscreen


  • 200ml Windscreen Restorer Sealed Bottled Liquid
  • Scrubbing Pad. Designed specifically for glass

How To Use:

  • Wipe of dust from the windscreen with a dry cloth
    Shake the bottle very well
    Pull a little in a plastic bowl
    Dip the scrubbing pad in the liquid and rub generously on the windscreen
    Allow to dry for 10 minutes
    Use the scrubbing pad to scrub the windscreen in vertical, circular, and horizontal motion. Apply little strength. NOTE: Avoid the plastic borders of the windscreen. Do not scrub those areas. Focus on the windscreen only.
    After scrubbing, rinse very well with water and observe the difference

NOTE: This product is not for fixing cracks on windscreens. Also, if the water spots have been on your glass for more than 1year, then you may have to repeat the steps more than once until you get the desired result

1 review for SOE Windscreen Restorer Liquid Kit – 1 Bottle – 200ml

  1. SOE

    I also changed my windscreens. Thanks for this. Worked as advertised. Good buy. Will buy more.

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