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ABRO SuperGold Carnauba Car Wax

ABRO SuperGold Carnauba wax is a safe natural wax that is a one-stop solution for paint preservation. It is made with natural waxes and oils that protect your car paint and helps in maintaining the ultimate beauty of the car. It delivers a deep, rich glossy finish and brings out the true color of your car’s or bike’s paint. Give your vehicle a new glossy look with the help of ABRO Carnauba Wax.

This wax provides long-lasting, water-beading protection that helps prevent water stains or oxidation from corroding your auto paint finish. A periodic application of the provided wax is recommended for best results.

About this item

  • CARNAUBA CAR WAX: ABRO Multifunctional carnauba wax is made with natural waxes and oils, which protects your car paint and helps in maintaining the ultimate beauty of the car or other vehicles by providing high-performance glossy shine, streak-free finish and water protection.
  • HIGH GLOSS FINISH: When your car is travelling through dusty streets and muddy roads day to day, due to dust and mud car starting losing shine. This carnauba wax paste by ABRO provides a shiny finish after every use of wax and your car will look like new again.
  • RESTORES PAINT FADE: ABRO Carnauba Wax is having natural wax and oil which acts as a super-slick, protective barrier between the car’s paint and the environment, which helps it to maintain its new look for a longer period of time.
  • EXTRAORDINARY WATER REPELLENT: Our offered Carnauba paste was is made with Grade 1 wax. It forms a strong water protection layer between environment and your car surface which help it to beads water up to 12 months and it’s totally safe for clear coat finishes.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Our wax pack comes with wax and a sponge. First Wash any sand, dust, and dirt, and wipe off any remaining water drops. Take a moderate amount of the wax and spread it evenly onto the car’s body using the sponge. When the surface gets dry, wipe off with a soft clean towel.