Elegant Air Freshener For Your Bathroom. 6pcs – Lasts 30 days


  • Essential natural oil
  • Purifies indoor air
  • Comes in 2 different aromas
  • Lasts 75 days
  • Suitable for hotels, dinning rooms, living room, bedroom, toilets, cars, carriages, etc.
  • Guaranteed to exceed your expectation

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New innovation air freshener with Slim Gel Technology that effectively fight against bad odor and provides nice and fresh fragrance inside your bathroom. Lasts 30 days.

  • 6 Pocket Size Sachets inside box. Tear the outer casing and hang the fragrance.
  • Purifies bathroom air
  • Comes in 5 different fragrances
  • Lasts 30 days
  • Suitable for hotels, dinning rooms, living room, bedroom, toilets, cars, carriages, etc

Fragrances: Orange Twist, Purple Dream, Fresh Green, Passion Red, and Cool Blue.

*Fragrance is subject to availability*