Original 4-in-1 Dashboard Polish. Strawberry Fragrance


  • Multi-Usage Dashboard Polish
  • 4 IN 1 Leather, Plastic, Rubber & Vinyl
  • Anti-Dust & Anti-Static
  • Protects against ageing
  • Long lasting cleaning/polish solution
  • 450ml content
  • Strawberry fragrance

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Original 4-in1 Dashboard Polish. Strawberry Fragrance

The product is made scientifically with a special high-tech formula to use on various kind of surfaces including dashboards, furniture, leather, car seats, tires, rubber, upholstery, fabrics, etc. It is a multi-purpose car interior polish, which can also be used at homes and offices.

All sorts of dirt, deposits and smudges can be dissolved and removed when you leave it soaked with this Dashboard Polish for approximately 20 seconds. Wipe surface with a soft clean cloth, leaving the surface shiny. The most unique feature of this product is that it prevents the material surface ageing, cracks and always leave the surface clean and shiny, with lemon fragrance.

The product application includes: Dashboard, Car Seats (Leather and Fabrics), Door Panels, Plastic, Vinyl and Rubber Parts.


Fragrance: Strawberry

Size: 450ML


Good for: Car seats, Door Panel; Plastic and Rubber part, leather seat, car dashboard, tyres, and leather shoes


Direction For Use:

1. Shake well

2. Spray evenly on the surface to be cleaned and immediately wipe the surface using a soft microfiber cloth.

3. For Tyre Polishing: Wash and clean tyres before spraying.


Made in USA

Manufacturer: Auto De Gambo