SOE Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball


  • Auto activates with open flames
  • Lasts for 5 years before expiration
  • Produces a loud bang up
  • Very Light To Use
  • Works with all Class Fire Ratings
  • Not Harmful to Human Body

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SOE Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball

The Extinguisher Fireball:

The Fireball installed in a wall/ceiling mounted bracket will self-activate in the presence of open flames and extinguish the fire and hence protect the area when no human is present, therefore ideal for homes, warehouses, offices and kitchens, flammable liquid and solid storages, hotels, schools, hospitals, ships etc.

Area Application:
Ideal for high risk areas in any industry e.g. DB Rooms, Offices, Warehouses, Restaurant kitchens,
Market Places
Sub Stations
Train Stations
Transports and Logistics
Filing rooms
Petroleum storage areas,
Paint storage areas,
Thatch roof buildings,
Factories etc.

SOE Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball


1. Auto activates with open flames.
2. Lasts for 5 years before expiration, as against the other conventional extinguishers in the market which last for only 6 months.
3. Produces a loud bang upon activation to alert occupants
4. Requires no maintenance, refilling, or servicing for 5 years.
5. Keeps you away from the fire, you can simply roll it from a distance thus eliminating the chances of fire related injuries.
6. Rolled or thrown into a fire, the BALL will auto activate within 3-5 seconds. With each ball covering 3 cubic meters.
7. Completely friendly to humans, properties and the environment.
8. Suitable to fight initial fires and it is very light that even the sick, children and elderly can use.



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